The first event actually named “Future of Freedom Conference” was held at USC on the last weekend of April 1977. It is best remembered for the turbulent debate between Prof. David Friedman, son of Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman, and SDS radical activist (later California state senator) Tom Hayden. According to an article by Joe Cobb of Reason magazine, the topic of this legendary debate was “libertarianism versus socialism as the optimal means to achieve freedom.”

The Pacifica Radio station in Los Angeles (KPFK) recorded the first portion of the 36-minute audio debate, which was later aired to a radio audience. Unfortunately, the question and answer period after the formal debate was not recorded. During this post-debate event, a number of fiery exchanges made the debate notable.  In the debate, Hayden was the first to speak.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK0SBdu7B-o